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verb,   to offer talents and skills in order to meet the needs and goals of others.

Business Analysis

TPG Observations:

  • Requirements gathering is an ongoing process that exists throughout the project lifecycle

    • Business landscape evolves during execution of projects uncovering new requirements

    • “Peeling the onion” during design and development exposes missed requirements or misunderstood requirements

  • Lack of upfront and agreed upon requirements result in

    • Late delivery

    • Over budget delivery

    • Missed requirements

    • Unsuccessful projects

    • Unhappy business users

  • Requirements are not given proper focus and priority in projects, as indicated when:

    • There is the perception that requirements gathering is easy, when it is really hard work

    • Requirements gathering process is not treated as important as other system development tasks

    • IT incorrectly assumes that the business user can effectively document their requirements 

    • IT thinks it knows what the business needs and without consulting the stakeholders

    • The hard questions are never asked

    • Requirements are gold-plated without stakeholder approval

    • All requirements are treated the same without consideration of value to business

  • Testing is overlooked and insufficient as indicated when

    • There is a lack of planning for testing

    • All business scenarios are not included in testing

    • Exceptions are not planned and tested

  • Data integration and conversion requirements are overlooked


TPG brings Experience and Expertise

  • Proven approach to lead requirements gathering in a collaborative environment resulting in well documented and testable requirements.

  • We know how to listen first; we do not walk into the conversation with the answers.

  • Proven approach (structured traceability matrix) to manage the requirements through the lifecycle of the project ensuring that what was agreed to is in fact implemented.

  • We bring 30+ years of our experiences into the conversation understanding first what the needs are.

  • We proactively manage changes to the business requirements through the normal course of a project/program.

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