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verb,  to offer talents and skills in order to meet the needs and goals of others.

Program / Project Management

TPG Observations:

  • Projects are planned upfront but are not managed or controlled as the project unfolds leading to: 

    • Over-budget projects

    • Missed expectations

    • Late deliverables that likely don’t meet the business’ objectives

    • Unhappy business users  

  • Poor communications lead to mis-managed change

  • Lack of issues management leads to surprises late in the project

  • Incomplete impact assessment leads to user resistance

  • Select projects with little business value that from the start misuse critical resources

  • Stakeholders are not engaged and not held accountable

  • Lack of consistent processes for planning, managing and executing projects

  • Stakeholder is not included in the planning and execution of the project, especially once the project is started and as the business landscape changes, requiring changes to the project

  • Project team members are not motivated resulting in sub-optimal results

  • Project team members encounter obstacles that they cannot resolve on their own

TPG brings Experience and Expertise:

  • Well-disciplined and proven PMO Standards-based Project methodology, allowing rapid deployment of techniques for implementing structure and governance

  • The DICE framework, to establish a sound and consistent quantitative assessment of your projects and programs

  • Strict Scope Management, to help identify and maintain a laser-like focus on the core components of a project

  • Adaptive OCM (Organizational Change Management), an iterative approach to governing the inevitability of change

  • Focus on people, process and communication

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