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verb,   to offer talents and skills in order to meet the needs and goals of others.

Strategic Business Consulting


TPG Observations:

  • Supply Chain challenges continue to disrupt business

    • Labor costs rising

    • Freight costs rising

    • Shortage of containers and trailers

    • Fuel costs rising

    • Shortage of staff

    • Clogged ports

  • Supply Chain challenges expected to last 2-3 years

  • Proactive companies plan a strategy on managing through the uncertainty

  • Reactive companies hope that they will survive the impact

  • There continues to be tension between IT and Business; sometimes healthy and sometimes not.

  • Inventory timing challenges through the supply chain

  • Lack of Master Data Management through the supply chain

TPG brings Experience and Expertise:

  • Elastic strategies that fit your business goals

  • Approach/experience that establishes a cohesive alliance between the business and IT

  • Success in developing and operating enterprise Program Offices

  • Proven experience in solving today’s business and supply chain challenges

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