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verb,   to offer talents and skills in order to meet the needs and goals of others.

Systems Integration


TPG Observations:​

  • Data is a challenge

    • Many sources of data in separate systems/environments

    • Poorly structured data

    • Large amount of data

  • Constant changes in the business

  • Over allocated IT and business resources

  • Legacy Systems, limiting flexibility

  • Different business units see data differently

  • Time constraints / Conflicting business objectives

  • Requirements not reflected in final solution

TPG brings Experience and Expertise:

  • Enterprise data and application architecture design

    • ​​Architect data integrity

    • Architect reliable systems that meet security, volume and time requirements

  •  Requirements tracking to each functional outcome

  • Provide solution selection services​

    • Identify solution and systems​

    • Design and re-engineering - Implementation​

    • Enhancements/modifications - Integration​

    • Maintenance - Support and training​

    • Pilot and rollout services - IT governance​

  • Regulatory/compliance services

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